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The Market Leader in Broker Dealer Transactions

Introducing the first private platform dedicated to buying and selling both shell and performing Broker Dealers combines AI with human expertise in identifying the best match for both buyers and sellers of Broker Dealers. We leverage the following in our core services:

  • Understanding the capital and strategic needs of both sides of the BD market
  • Key metrics and best practices to effectively run, manage and sell a Shell or Performing Broker Dealer
  • Knowledge of the shifting regulatory landscape for Broker Dealers
  • Advanced AI and machine learning technologies to support real-time and big data processing


Broker Dealer Listing

Connecting as a Buyer

The BDFS platform is comprised of three main types of buyers:

  • Buyers seeking to acquire shell or producing Broker Dealers,
  • Other Broker Dealer owners seeking to merge and grow through M&A activity, and
  • Investors looking to place growth capital into producing Broker Dealers

Our platform is the first of it's kind, helping buyers find the Broker Dealer that they're looking for by using a unique combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and human experience. Book an appointment to discuss your needs and access our Broker Dealer platform.

Broker Dealer For Sale (BDFS)

Connecting as a Seller

When it comes to selling a Broker Dealer, experience is "key". Through our partnership with CXG, we've tapped into decades of CMA experience, and can sell firm's faster and more secure than anyone in the market. We know what's important to sellers:

Only "Real Deals" sit on the BDFS platform. Book an appointment to Anonymously list your firm and see the BDFS difference.


Whether you’re contemplating selling your firm, or bringing in working capital with a potential new partner, it’s important for owners to know how information concerning their Broker Dealer will be treated. has a strict Privacy & Confidentiality Policy. This means that you decide who to share information with, and at what time. Until then, all information posted to the Platform is “blind”.

What does “blind” mean? When you create an account and list your firm, the platform assigns your firm a unique digital code. Rather than see the name of your firm, potential buyers only see your digital code. Additionally, all identifiable information about your firm is hidden, or coded so that it remains hidden from potential purchasers. Rest assured that our “Real Deal” Policy ensures every purchaser is vetted extensively, and has a Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement on file.

When you decide that you’re interested and feel comfortable with a potential buyer, you can let the buyer see your information on the Platform.Until then, everything seen about your Firm will remain “blind”.

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Gordon Yale - Seller

I wanted to sell my broker-dealer without the compliance headaches (or potential legal liability) of operating my firm for six months with the buyer’s registered representatives, about whom I would know little or nothing, conducting business I didn’t want to monitor. CXG not only found a suitable buyer, but closed the sale within 2 and ½ months from the date of the purchase agreement. It was an extraordinary performance.

Testimonial 2 Logo - Edited
John Liu - Buyer

Thanks to the outstanding professional help from BDFS & CXG we were able to close in less than 60 days! The executive officers of CXG are very responsive, always there for communicating with and helping us make decisions. Outsourcing services are truly convenient for clients that are in need to get the BD going.

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