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About Us | The First Platform Dedicated to Buying & Selling Broker Dealers

About is the 1st and only Broker Dealer Exchange that unites technology with human expertise in order to identify the best match for sellers and buyers of Broker Dealers.

Through our strategic partnership with the Compliance Exchange Group (CXG), stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. CXG boasts a seasoned team of highly experienced Compliance Officers and Financial Principals. CXG Principals have helped our clients build and develop successful Broker Dealers, Investment Banks, and Trading Rooms. Members of the CXG Team have held CEO, CCO, FinOp, CFO, and Board roles at several organizations, so they know what it takes to grow Broker Dealers efficiently and effectively.

Our superior Broker Dealer exchange and unmatched experience are why buyers and sellers of FINRA approved firms trust us to lead them through their Broker Dealer transaction.

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Contact us for a Free Consultation to discover how can help you acquire or sell your firm. Our team looks forward to guiding each client through their Broker Dealer transaction in order to achieve their strategic goals.

Why Choose

You’ll quickly realize that we are quite different from other Broker Dealer marketplaces. Our partnership with an industry-leading compliance firm, Compliance Exchange Group, allows us to provide our clients with the best talent in the industry! This partnership enables us to offer a more efficient transaction process for our clients. Also, CXG Licensed Personnel, Principals, and FinOps can fill your short-term needs or help you with long-term solutions in order to get your Broker Dealer up and running in the shortest amount of time. Whatever the case, you get more than just an individual; you get the collective expertise and capabilities of an entire team, all working to support and guide you through your Broker Dealer transaction.

What Brings to the Table:

True Expertise.

Our executives have successfully helped hundreds of clients buy or sell Broker Dealers. In addition, these same executives have helped build and develop Broker Dealers, Investment Banks, and Trading Rooms. If you’re seeking FINRA approval and looking to grow your business, we can help.

Risk Mitigation.

When you buy a Broker Dealer, you are also acquiring all liabilities associated with that firm, even if the liable event occurred before the sale. This is why thorough due diligence is so vital. With due diligence, consulting, and support from CXG, an industry-leading Broker Dealer Compliance Firm, we are able to deliver an experienced team to take charge and efficiently manage your financial and compliance requirements in order to mitigate risk, forecast challenges, and eliminate costly penalties.

Core Focus.

Every second you spend focused on issues outside your core operations is an opportunity lost in terms of generating revenue and growing your business. With’s ability to find the right seller or buyer, and CXG’s ability to successfully manage the details of compliance related to the transaction, you can remain focused on accomplishing your strategic goals.

Reduced Costs.

Sustaining a full portfolio of all the required licenses in-house can become a tremendous financial burden, one that doesn’t make sense for many organizations. We are able to provide you with outsourced license holding personnel for a more cost-effective and responsible alternative.

Knowledge Leadership.

Our experts understand all the ins and outs of licensing and compliance, which allows us to reduce our clients stress, condense timelines, and open new opportunities. We don’t just stop problems before they occur; we also provide the support that extends and elevates your organization.

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We have solutions available to help you sell or buy a Broker Dealer that fits your needs. Contact us today for a Free Consultation, and discover how can help you Today!