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Selling a Broker Dealer

Selling Your Broker Dealer on

Selling Your
Broker Dealer on

Our platform typically has four types of sellers:

  • Shell Broker-Dealer for sale
  • Broker-Dealer seeking partial co-owners
  • Producing Broker-Dealer for sale
  • Broker-Dealers seeking investment partner(s)

Our BD Marketplace is the first of its kind, to help sellers of Broker Dealers find the right buyer or investor. Our process utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and human experience in order to provide each user with the best results specific to them. Join as a Seller today, get seen by people looking to invest or buy a Broker-Dealer like yours.

Connecting as a Seller

When it comes to selling your Broker Dealer, the experience is key. Thanks to our partnership with Compliance Exchange Group, we bring decades of CMA experience to the table, which enables us to sell firms quickly and securely. We know what’s important to sellers:

  • Anonymous Listings
  • Fast Closing
  • Low Risk
  • Qualified & Vetted Buyers

Only “Real Deals” sit on the platform. Join for Free! Anonymously list your firm and connect with potential buyers.

Selling Your Broker Dealer on

The advantages of working with when selling your Broker Dealer are our large number of registered buyers, hands-on personal service, and experience. We understand the entire selling process and work closely with FINRA regularly. Your initial consultation will include an overall assessment, presentation of options, and an analysis of alternative means. Whether costs, schedule, or capability is your most pressing concern, we have choices available that can best meet your needs.

Selling a Shell Broker Dealer

A Shell Broker-Dealer is an inactive Broker-Dealer that has no production and accounts. Users of actively seek out Shell Broker-Dealers because they know that purchasing a Shell Broker-Dealer can save time versus starting a new Broker-Dealer, and reduce liability when compared to buying a producing Broker-Dealer. When registering a new Broker-Dealer, owners can’t conduct any business until FINRA’s review process is complete; this can take many months. But when purchasing a Shell, new owners can conduct business under the Broker-Dealer’s already approved license(s) while their application is going through this process. As a result, most buyers look to buy a Shell Broker Dealer.

If you’d like to list your Shell BD for free where these buyers can find it, register with today!

Selling a Producing Broker Dealer

While the process of selling your producing Broker-Dealer is undemanding and uncomplicated. Finding the right buyer can be time-consuming. It’s important to find the right buyer because your firm will be worth more to them than to the wrong buyer. Additionally, you’ll want a buyer that understands your business and can easily transition into the firm’s client relationships.

  • Join for Free and let us confidentially locate qualified buyers for you from our platform’s large number of registered buyers.

Looking for Investors, Partners, or Co-Owners?

If you are searching for investors, partnerships, co-owners, or a Merger & Acquisition (M&A) to help move your firm forward, you’ve come to the right place. At, we help connect potential investors with Broker-Dealers seeking additional partners. Investors can promote growth or move struggling firms in the right direction.

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